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I am choking on someone else's blood and the fingerprints of God.

So stick around and let me tell you about it because far too many don't say.

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I want to write a story about a girl that no one wants to know, a story and a half, with a boy in the middle. I want to sing about the way the flowers face the sun, and how i can hear your name from the sky. I've always wanted to tell you, about the time i ran away from him, to try to find something better, and got lost. I've always loved the way my feet take me to the places i've never wanted to be. I want to make you smile, so bright, you burn out the sun. I want to write something about myself, but everytime i think of me...it's always you i get insted...

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oh my..have you heard?

I'm in love <3

oh heck yes.