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I am choking on someone else's blood and the fingerprints of God.

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» (No Subject)
I'm leaving all the communities.

and i'm making a new livejournal.

my new livejournal is "alright_elli"

Add me.

» (No Subject)


Go Rangers!Collapse )

» (No Subject)

then you enter something in hereCollapse )

» (No Subject)

» (No Subject)

Needing new members
+short application
+new themes
+fun themes
+contests and vote outs
++needing more gorgeous and interesting lj members
who aren't afraid to be honest.

join now!

» (No Subject)

I finally made my camera work.


I have new hair.






you know..a fewCollapse )

» (No Subject)








poopCollapse )

» (No Subject)
please no more spam please.

One promotion per entry.

If there are anymore I will delete your post and leave you hate mail.

Thank you.
» Me and the man.

The man and I did some hugglin' and kissin' today.


in love pleaseCollapse )

» (No Subject)


» (No Subject)

I really hate stupid people.


& Sometimes I wonder why they are even alive. Why did God make stupid people?





melissa vMURDER: hey.
Someguy6535: hi
melissa vMURDER: how are you?
Someguy6535: im...definatly me
melissa vMURDER: oh?
melissa vMURDER: well..i'm glad you're not somebody else?
Someguy6535: ok then..
melissa vMURDER: yeah.
melissa vMURDER: how was your day?
Someguy6535: well...it was a day you know
Someguy6535: my life is a cycle
melissa vMURDER: ...
melissa vMURDER: uhh.
melissa vMURDER: oh
melissa vMURDER: like the circle of life
Someguy6535: no...
melissa vMURDER: ...
melissa vMURDER: oh



I rest my case.

» (No Subject)

you have the right to tell me my boyfriend is gorgeous.


oh how I love him.

» (No Subject)
I pretty much hate my journal.

does someone want to make it pretty?
» (No Subject)

I'm promoting. cool.

You should probably try and join this community, just because everything should be tried eh?

<3 I love and miss everyone.
» (No Subject)
Joe came over last night.

he's the most awesome person in the world
» ten million years later
hi i haven't updated in a million years

i really have nothing to say, every picture that i had on here, on my computer, got erased..but it's cool.

I miss my friends..i miss having a best friend..i wish i still did
» mcr yay
well i saw and met my chemical romance

gerard smells like taco seasoning
» hi
Hi, my life is good

i'm over everything that happened, i've been hanging out with brent a lot, he's awesome

brent=best friend

i totally beat up his dog

riordan is a cool cat..he can dance
» (No Subject)

so aubree came over and cut and dyed my hair..it looks sweet



Hi, i'm melissaCollapse )

» all i am is that broken hearted loser you remember from so long ago.
my pet!

yay, a duck..how hardcore is he?
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